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Christmas at the Beach

We have a new limited edition range ... beautiful glossy red glass, black and white handmade murrini and tiny berry dots ... just for the Christmas season.  This gorgeous range of Christmas at the Beach jewellery is only available during October, November and December...

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Say Cheese

2017 is coming fast, and bringing with it Giving & Living trade show in January (January?!! that's almost here!) and British Craft Trade Fair in April - and that means a new product catalogue, and that means lots of new photos needed.  So after a pretty intense period...

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A Glowing Report!

It's been all work and not much play in the studio since British Craft Trade Fair, with lots of new orders plus repeat orders from previous customers going out in smart cardboard boxes. (Absolutely NOT complaining!) The feedback received from all these shops has been...

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I'm so pleased to have customers!  Not just because they are so lovely and actually buy the things I make, but because sometimes they push me into making new things or doing things a little differently. I've been making Sand & Sea door knobs in 20mm and 25mm for a...

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In the News!

Remember I won the Creative Business Award?  Well a couple of interesting things have happened as a result, the strangest one being a phone call from Channel 4 asking me if I'd like to take part in Come Dine With Me .... ?? (No thank you). But there was also this ......

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