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Beach Art Glass jewellery is designed by award-winning glass artist Julie Fountain who melts and shapes Murano glass rods in a flame and decorates with fine silver wire and handmade beachy details.

Julie melts and shapes Murano glass rods in a flame and decorates with fine silver wire and handmade beachy details.  Combined with artisan sterling silver or gold, these miniature works of art are the most exceptional examples of Best of British jewellery, handcrafted to last more than a lifetime.  

Every piece is created one at a time, every piece is unique.

"I want my jewellery to remind you of places you love and memories you treasure, or inspire you to take the next trip, see the world and feel the sand between your toes."   Julie Fountain

Our Collections

We have eight core collections: Sand & Sea, evokes sunny days on the beach; Deep Blue Sea, creates stunning contrasts with glossy turquoise glass; Sea Spray, inspires images of waves breaking on the shore; Sea Mist, has a dreamy quality set in a lavender ocean haze; Turning Tides, decorated with recycled glass and supports Plastic Oceans charity with every sale; Sea Breeze, reminds us of crashing waves and crisp blue skies; Frosted Seas, a timeless collection inspired by cool, clear waters; and Shoreline, a collectable range in 17 vibrant colours.


Totally unique beyond beautiful. I cannot think of enough words to do this jewellery justice.


Nicky H

Such beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery, I am more and more impressed with every item I buy!


Amy T

Wish I could buy every single piece... These are stunning, so creative.


Lynn D

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Help Change the World's Attitude to Plastic

With our Turning Tides range we aim to help Plastic Oceans protect our seas and oceans against plastic pollution for future generations. 

We are official business partners to this worthy charity and proudly donate £5 from every Turning Tides piece we sell to support their work.

More About Plastic Oceans

An award winning business

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"Wear the memories of places you've been, and the dreams of places you hope to go"

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