Let's Help Ocean Generation Change the World's Attitude to Plastic


Ocean Generation combines Plastic Ocean's decade-long experience of science and storytelling with the youth collective, Ocean Generation Foundation. Starting with ‘A Plastic Ocean’ documentary – praised by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the most important films of our time” – Ocean Generation is now growing an inclusive global movement to tackle Ocean threats.

“We see a world where the Ocean is freed from human threats within a generation; to restore a healthy relationship between humanity and the Ocean. As the first generation to deeply understand Ocean issues, we’re also the last generation who can stop them. We are the Ocean Generation.”

We are proud to be official business partners to Ocean Generation (formerly Plastic Oceans UK) and Plastic Oceans Australasia


We developed our Turning Tides collection, using recycled glass, to specifically promote and support marine conservation organisations Ocean Generation and Plastic Oceans Australasia.

  • Beach Art Glass is an environmentally-aware business, working with hand tools and low-impact processes;
  • glass is an abundant, sustainable material;
  • we work with a British silversmith who uses eco-friendly silver and recycles all our silver scrap;
  • and most importantly, our “heirloom-quality” jewellery is not influenced by the latest fashion trends and is intended to last a lifetime. 

Glass beads don’t wear out, they don’t change colour and they’re not affected by normal changes in their surroundings.  They should still be here long after us!

When I show a photo of my studio on social media, I'm frequently asked what I do with the little bits of waste glass that are scattered on my workbench and this got me thinking.  There isn’t enough waste to make whole beads from but I realised that I could recycle the scraps by using them as a surface decoration.  After playing around with some design ideas our Turning Tides range of pendants and earrings was created.  I make the beads in my usual way but then use up leftover glass to create a beautiful wave-like swirl on the beads.  We then make these beads into our distinctive jewellery with sterling silver findings and chains.

From the sale of every piece of Turning Tides jewellery, we are proud to donate £5 to Ocean Generation.

We also sell our jewellery in Australia and New Zealand – and our Turning Tides donations there are going to Plastic Oceans Australasia.  We donate AU$9 from the sale of each item in Australasia.

If you’re looking for a special gift that also supports this worthwhile charity, you can either order direct from our website, or we can let you know if we have a stockist near you.

Turning Tides collection

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