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How do I care for my jewellery?

One of the lovely things about glass is that the colours don’t fade over time, but silver can be affected by the atmosphere and eventually tarnish if not worn or wrapped up. The best way to care for silver is to keep it in an airtight packet when it’s not being worn. If it does tarnish it can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth.

My glass beads are made of ... glass.  They have been cooled over a number of hours in a kiln to anneal and strengthen the glass and therefore they are stronger than you would expect glass to be, but please do still treat them with some care.  

I would recommend you don't sleep, shower or swim in your jewellery.

What's it made of?

Glass!  I make my beads entirely from glass, and a little silver leaf, silver foil or fine silver wire.  And then I make my jewellery with handcrafted silver findings and silver chains.

Is it Sea Glass?

No. The glass rods I use are produced (mainly in Italy, aka Murano glass) specifically for bead making.

Have a look at this page for lots more information about me and my beads.

Will I get the item in the photo?

Every single glass bead in my jewellery is individually made, one at a time, by melting and shaping glass using hand tools, gravity and heat.  There will be natural, unavoidable, glorious, beautiful variations in every bead. Occasionally you will receive the bead in the photo, but more often, that bead has already been sold and yours will be made to look as similar to the original but I don't aim to decorate them all in the exact same way.

If its important to you that I replicate the decorative composition in the photo just let me know and I will aim to copy the layout.  Aside from differences in artistic composition, small variations in size and effects are to be expected, and embraced, as that is what makes Beach Art Glass jewellery so special and unique.

When a bead size is mentioned this can never be completely accurate and is based on the shaping mould used rather than the finished bead.  The bead should naturally be a little smaller than the mould to allow for a smooth finish and good shaping. 

Do you ship to EU?

Since the introduction of complicated VAT rules when shipping from the UK to EU countries I am now using my Etsy shop to process all EU orders.  Etsy will ensure that EU customers are only charged VAT at their local rate.  If you are looking for an item that doesn't appear in my Etsy shop please message me and I can set up a custom Etsy listing.  This website will not accept European orders.

What about delivery to UK and Rest of World (except EU)?

I have a whole page dedicated to delivery and returns, please check it out.

Can you send a gift?

I am happy to send your purchase direct to the recipient and I know they will be delighted with the packaging. I will never include an invoice so they won’t see what you paid for it, and you can even add a handwritten Beach Art Glass greeting card if you just let me know what you'd like me to write.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Beach Art Glass gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

How do I contact you?

Email julie (at) or write to Beach Art Glass, 12 Hayslan Green, Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 2RG.