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How We Make Our Lampwork Jewellery

Learn more about our studio, lampwork, and how we craft our unique patterns. 

Here at Beach Art Glass, we create all our unique beads and pendants for your jewellery in the UK using lampwork. We’ve perfected the art of creating beautiful beach-themed patterns and designs that capture and replicate all the favourite aspects of your favourite beach memories. From cold sea breezes, to hot white sands, we make jewellery to remind you of the places you love.

What is lampwork jewellery?

Lampwork jewellery are necklaces, earrings and bracelets (and other types of jewellery) that are made using the centuries-old technique of lampwork. This consists of using a flame to melt down glass rods that can then be shaped into beads and pendants. 

Lampwork is primarily associated with Murano, Italy, where the technique was mastered and perfected in the region during the 14th Century. Today, the region is popular for their world-famous Murano glass creations, which are collected by art enthusiasts and investors alike. Most of the glass that we use is from Murano, Italy, and our lampwork process is exactly the same as the highly prized Murano glass beads.

At Beach Art Glass, we use glass rods that are melted in a flame and molten glass is wrapped around a metal mandrel. The bead is then shaped with tools and gravity, and decorated with fine silver and handmade details. The bead is slowly cooled overnight in a kiln to remove any stress from the glass and ensure the bead is sound and durable.

Where is our silver from?

All the silver head pins, bails and ear wires are beautifully handmade especially for us by our highly skilled British silversmith. Take a look at our video to see the whole process.

What do you need to craft lampwork jewellery?

There are many different tools we use to create our bespoke products. This includes:

  • Bench Burner
  • Marver
  • Paddle
  • Tungsten Pick

Do you fancy a go at making your own glass beads? Come and visit our Workshop.